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Links to my American Journal of Nursing news stories –
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Links to my American Journal of Nursing news stories

What Nurses Need to Know about Cybersecurity (12/18)

Studies Document Reductions in Murder, Suicide Rates with Certain Gun Laws (9/18)

Joint Commission Issues Alert Addressing Violence Against Health Care Workers (7/18)

Colorado ‘Alternative to Opioids’ Pilot Project Exceeds Goals (6/18)

Report: Nursing Homes are Overmedicating People with Dementia  (5/18)

Among Other Industrialized Countries, the U.S. Has Highest Childhood Mortality Rate  (4/18)

ED Visits for Self-Harm by Girls Are on the Rise  (3/18)

CDC Updates Guidelines for Congenital Zika  (2/18)

The Top Nursing News Stories of 2017  (1/18)

Crisis in New Jersey Highlights Problems for Many State Boards of Nursing   (11/17)

How Long Should Should Routine Health Screening Continue?   (9/17) (included as part of AJN‘s Silver Award from the American Society of Healthcare Publication Editors for “Best News Coverage”

Study Highlights Need for Continuing Post-approval Drug Monitoring  (8/17) 

Nursing Protocol for Stroke Increases Survival, Reduces Disability     (7/17)

Norepinephrine Shortage Led to Increased Deaths from Septic Shock     (7/17)

New Warnings About Protecting Children from Dangerous Substances   (6/17)

New Guidelines for Syncope Issued    (6/17)

Analysis of Cancer Deaths at County Level Pinpoints Hot Spots for Action (5/17)

New Clinical Guideline for Low Back Pain Says Try Non-drug Therapies First  (5/17)

FDA Anesthesia Warning for Pregnant Women, Children    (4/17)

Rural Pregnant Women and Newborns Hit Hard by Opioid Crisis   (3/17)  

Benefits of Kangaroo Care for Premature Babies Continue into Young Adulthood  (3/17)